Chechen & Curly Maple Guitar Wall Mount

Handcrafted from solid Chechen hardwood (aka Caribbean Rosewood) with a center stripe of Curly Maple. Although not a true rosewood, Chechen is just as beautiful with many of the same characterstics. It can display a wide variety of color and unique grain patterns. The wood is very dense and among the heaviest of the woods we use.

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Yoke Width

*See "Selecting the right yoke width..." details below

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All mounting hardware is included.

Installation is a breeze, only requiring a few common tools and 4 easy steps:

  • Mount the bracket to the wall
  • Place the Wall Mount onto the bracket
  • Install the locking bolt
  • Snap on the wood cover plug (magnetic)

Here is a PDF of the complete instructions:


Please Note: the Solid Ground Guitar Wall Mount works perfectly with most acoustic and electric guitars. However, it is not recommended for guitars with asymmetrical headstocks, like Fender Stratocasters and Telecasters. These types of guitars will hang securely on our floor stands, since they lean back against the lower pads. But due to the free hanging nature of the Wall Mount, they will want to find their balancing point and not hang straight. A solution is in the works, but as of now, not yet available.
Guitars shown for reference only.  
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Please note: While the photos shown here are a very good representation of the appearance of each species of hardwood used, keep in mind these are natural materials, and there will be some variation in color and grain.

Most Solid Ground Stands products are made to order, however we do our best to keep our most popular models in stock and ready to ship. If we do not have yours in-stock when you order, we can typically have it ready in 3-4 weeks (or sooner, if one is already in progress). If you would like to confirm the availability of any item before ordering, please contact us.

  • Neck Widths

    Our guitar stands are available in two yoke widths. To select the correct width, just measure the width of your guitar's neck at the nut.

  • Standard Yoke

    1.65"(42mm) to 1.89"(48mm)

    Our STANDARD yoke guitar wall mounts will comfortably fit the vast majority of acoustic and electric guitars, and even many electric basses.

  • Wide Yoke

    1.73"(44mm) to 2.05"(52mm)

    Our WIDE yoke option works best for classical and 12-string guitars, which typically have a wider neck.

  • Custom Yokes

    Have an unusual guitar? We can also do custom yokes (like for square neck dobros or flamenco guitars).

    Just contact us to learn more.

Please contact us if you have any questions

Guitar Wall Mount Details

 Dimensions: 4" wide x 6.5" deep x 14" long
Weight: 1-2 lbs (depends on wood species)
Standard Yoke Width: 1.65"(42mm) to 1.89"(48mm)/span>
Wide Yoke Width: 1.73"(44mm) to 2.05"(52mm)
Country of Origin: Proudly Made in the USA!

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