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We are so thankful to hear from many of our happy customers that we decided to collect and share with you just a small sampling of their reviews right here.

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Walnut Mandolin Stand

The walnut mandolin stand is not only beautiful and functional but very sturdy. The customer service was exceptional and the delivery was lightening fast. The finish on the stand is lovely. The design makes the stand super functional. It was expensive but well worth the price. I am extremely happy I found this craftsman!



Morado & Curly Maple Guitar Stand

As the favorite of my three custom stands, the Morado is a truly work of art that brings beauty to any room of the house. A certain confidence comes from placing my guitar on a SolidGround stand that shows it off beautifully while holding it absolutely secure. The wood is exotic, dense and beautiful. I can't thank you enough for creating a masterpiece just for me!


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ SUPER STURDY!

Walnut Banjo Stand

The walnut banjo stand is both a work of art and an engineering marvel. Beautiful dark solid walnut and cushioning in just the right places. The engineering and craftsmanship of the stand is top notch. And, the stand with the banjo in place is super sturdy. I have complete confidence that the stand with the banjo in place won't topple over. I had considered one of the standard metal and rubber tubing stands but after reading horror stories online about even the best of those stands there was no question in my mind that I would be ordering a Solid Ground Stand. Thanks, Mark!



Curly Maple & Walnut Guitar Stand

They say you get what you pay for. Sometimes you get far more. That’s the case with a Solid Ground Stand. I’ve bought a number of stands from Mark over the last few years for several guitars, a banjo and a mandolin. How do I love Solid Ground Stands? Let me count the ways! They’re built to the standard of fine furniture using furniture grade lumber and hardware. Aesthetically, they’re absolutely gorgeous. They safely hold your stringed instrument perfectly while adorning whatever room you have them in. Last, but not least, they neatly fold into a beautiful travel pouch for when you hit the road. I’m confident you won’t regret investing in a Solid Ground Stand.



Cherry and Walnut Guitar Stand

Love the new guitar stand! Excellent woodwork and pairs perfectly with my acoustic guitar. Looks great with the electrics as well. The Black Walnut pinstripe adds an elegant touch. Will definitely buy more stands in the future.



Chechen and Curly Maple Guitar Stand

Five stars is just simply not enough. This isn't just a guitar stand, it is a work of art! I have it sitting next to my bed with my acoustic guitar on it, and it makes me smile every morning. The woods are beautiful and the build quality is excellent! Thank you, Mark!



Walnut and Curly Maple Guitar Stand

Very good guitar stand with a very simple design, but really portable. And super stable. The production is also very sophisticated!



Sapele Banjo Stand

I purchased my banjo stand last year and have used it extensively. It looks great in any room of the house as it truly looks like a custom piece of furniture. As a result, my banjo is handy and I end up playing far more often. I thought the cost was high, but after seeing and experiencing the quality craftsmanship I now feel that the stand is a real bargain. I highly recommend the SGS stand.



Walnut and Curly Maple Ukulele Stand

Curly Maple and Walnut Ukulele Stand

I am the proud owner of 4 SGS ukulele stands. I love every single one of them! The instrument stands are of the highest quality, the processing quality and the materials are first-class, you won't find anything comparable like this. I wrote to Mark a few weeks ago about two special builds. He gave me very friendly and serious advice, and he kept me up to date during the construction phase, which made me very happy and I found it very interesting. Mark is a true master craftsman which his products reflect. Kind regards from Switzerland.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ BEAUTY IN WOOD

Curly Maple on Bubinga PickBox

This box is just beautifully made. I purchased it to match the gorgeous guitar stand I gave my husband for Christmas. Now he’s equally thrilled with his birthday gift as he was with his very special Christmas one. The workmanship and finish on both are just exquisite. So smooth and perfect to the touch and eye. Only problem is that I’m afraid he’s spoiled for future presents.



Cherry on Walnut PickBox

I have several of the SGS products, including several guitar stands, a PickDish, and now the PickBox (I also got several of these items for my son). The PickBox is the newest acquisition, and the quality and craftsmanship of the PickBox is really incredible--just like all the other products I have. The PickBox is a great size, and complements well the PickDish--I now use the PickBox for my capos and other various guitar-related objects (tuners, etc.), and it holds a nice assortment. I cannot conceive of a more impressive set of finely crafted products to support our guitar "habits" than what SGS produces. With the PickBox and other products, Mark and his workers have continued to indirectly support the stringed instrument communities beautifully. I am proud to show off my new PickBox, and the other products, as examples of the fine craftsmanship involved; and I also gladly tell others of their beauty, usefulness and functionality. I can't rate the PickBox highly enough.



Walnut on Sapele PickBox

Beautifully made Excellent craftsmanship



Walnut on Curly Maple PickBox

Beautiful box. I picked the high contrast walnut /curly maple combination. The way it opens is unique in that it employs a cleverly concealed magnet under the boxes top. Nicely finished and looks good on our coffee table. Plenty of room inside for all your guitar stuff. Great company. I have bought from them in the past. Good customer service. They care about quality and taking care of the customers and it shows in their attention to detail. Hard to find nowadays. Highly recommend.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ GREAT BOX!

Curly Maple on Walnut PickBox

Very useful box with excellent workmanship. Fit and finish is perfect. Goes well with my pick dishes and stand and is large enough to hold all the miscellaneous Allen wrenches and other bits that are frequently needed.



Curly Maple PickBox

I purchased a curly maple PickBox when I bought my dulcimer. The PickBox is a classy way to store picks, capos, and special treasures. Beautiful to display and a pleasure to own and use. Highly recommended.


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